Monday, January 16, 2012

48. Get my face painted & 46. Go to the OC Fair with David!

I love getting my face painted! It takes me back to feeling like a little girl and I absolutely adore it!
While David and I were at the fair this past summer, we both decided to get our faces painted.  I just had to go with Hello Kitty!! I'm so glad the the artist did a fabulous job! I didn't want to wash my face ever again!

David and my anniversary falls on my mother's birthday.  Since we went to the fair on our anniversary we had to come home with something for my mama.  David knows how to make her smile :) he got "Happy Birthday Carol"
on his cheek - she couldn't have been more happy!


DOUBLE SUCCESS ALERT!!! Goal #46 Go to the OC Fair with David! Holler! Icing on the cake :)

35. Play an entire round of golf with David

Although golf is quite a frustrating sport, we got through it in one piece!!
We had an early tee time and by the end of the first hole I was not having it anymore and was completely over playing.. no joke!
But by the fourth hole I got my groove back and we played the rest of the game with a smile :)

Here are a few memories to share.
 All smiles :))
 Woo hoo!!
[It doesn't matter how many hits it took to make it]
 Perfect stance and swings.
Our fun little ride.

the end.