Day Zero Project

  1. Track down a Moleskin and actually start using it.
  2. Go for a run on the beach with David.
  3. Vist and eat from a Food Truck
  4. Go on a double date with Erin, Smelly, and David.
  5. Read 10 "Motion Picture" Novels. (10/10)
  6. Read all of Chelsea Handler's books. (4/4)
  7. Go on a romantic getaway with David.
  8. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
  9. Buy something from Etsy.
  10. Put $10 away for every goal completed.
  11. Get my teaching credential.
  12. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor.
  13. Start a holiday tradition.
  14. Dye Easter eggs!
  15. Be in two places at once.
  16. Have a girls trip! Anywhere!
  17. Visit a lighthouse with my mommy and sissy.
  18. Visit my Grandmother's grave with Erin.
  19. Take hot yoga.
  20. Donate $5 to charity for each task I don’t complete.
  21. FINALLY go to Orange Mining Co. Brunch with David :) 
  22. Make handmade Guacamole.
  23. Have a bonfire at the beach.
  24. Assemble a first aid kit to keep in the car.
  25. Buy Sprinkles cupcakes for MYSELF!
  26. Try 10 new wines :)
  27. Go on a hike in the Azusa Pacific area.
  28. Go a week without checking Facebook.
  29. Complete a 5K race.
  30. See a movie in IMAX.
  31. Go wine tasting.
  32. Go to a sporting event.
  33. Buy a pair of TOMs shoes.
  34. Go to a concert.
  35. Play an entire round of golf with David.
  36. Go to a drive-in movie.
  37. Participate in a mud run. 6/6/2011!
  38. Take a class to learn how to do something new!
  39. Find out my blood type.
  40. Go rock climbing.
  41. Ride in a helium balloon at the Irvine Great Park.
  42. Take a train somewhere and make David like it.
  43. Get a new phone when my contract expires.
  44. Go to the Fitness Grill with Lauren. (10/10)
  45. Take pictures in a photo booth.
  46. Go to the OC Fair with David.
  47. Put my CSUF Alumni license plate frame on my car.
  48. Get my face painted.
  49. Plant a vegetable.
  50. Give tomatoes another try.
  51. Participate in a garage/yard sale.
  52. Take out my nose ring :(
  53. Bake a dessert from scratch.
  54. Collect a shot glass from each hotel on the Las Vegas strip. 
  55. Shoot a gun.
  56. Go on a gondola ride.
  57. Go paddle boarding.
  58. Go to Catalina with David.
  59. Snorkel.
  60. Get a fish and keep it alive.
  61. Try a new drink at Starbucks.
  62. Get a facial or spa treatment
  63. Kiss in the rain.
  64. Run a mile straight without stopping.
  65. Jump into a body of water fully clothed.
  66. Attend Yoga class. (10/10)
  67. Buy a lottery ticket.
  68. Give flowers to someone.
  69. Give up wine for a week.
  70. Do not purchase anything from Forever21 for a month.
  71. Go to a comedy show.
  72. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
  73. Learn to change a tire.
  74. Drink only water for a week.
  75. Go on a road trip.
  76. Volunteer at a beach clean up.
  77. Have a slumber party at Madalyn's apartment and cook her and Erin dinner! November 12-13!
  78. Watch a 3D movie.
  79. Update my resume.
  80. Visit a museum.
  81. Go horseback riding.
  82. Swim in the ocean :-/
  83. Get a new tattoo.
  84. Sell an item on eBay! 
  85. Eat a meal at a restaurant solo.
  86. Make a custom recipe book
  87. Start a postcard collection and send half of them out to friends and family!
  88. Go back to CSULB and explore.
  89. Get rid of all the moving boxes in my bedroom.
  90. Create a handmade shot glass display.
  91. Get a Kobe Bryant jersey.
  92. Attend Oktoberfest!
  93. Sit down in a park and enjoy a book.
  94. Have a sleepover outdoors
  95. Go to Las Vegas for a holiday or HUGE event. 2/6/2011 SUPER BOWL!
  96. Play a one-on-one game of basketball with David.
  97. Try making a new recipe each month.
  98. Go to Glen Ivy with Erin.
  99. Have a picnic in the park/beach. (Blanket and Basket included)
  100. Gamble at a table in Las Vegas.
  101. Get engaged....