Thursday, April 12, 2012

Park Date with Ryan and Mommy :)

Last Saturday, after Miss Shannon got her hair chopped, I spent the day with her and her fabulous little monkey Ryan.

I wanted to share a few pictures that we took at the park.  I can't get enough of this kid!

Caution! You are about to see the cutest kid in the world.  You may let out an "aww" or "ohhh." That is expected.
 And we're off to the park! Ryan didn't like that Auntie was trying to put a flower in his hair.
Hey I can't help it that I sometimes want to treat him like a little girl :) hahaa

This kid LOVED the swings!

And the slide even more!!! Auntie kept putting him on the slide, so when Mommy picked him up he'd hold his hands out to me.  Little did he know that Auntie gets tired QUICK and was not about to take him on the slide 500x. 
But I did share my Jamba Juice with him, feeding him by the straw! Now that is love.

Best picture of the day!

After coming home, Ryan and I played a little ball on the new hoop that Tio David and I got him for his birthday! He was so good at it!!! All Star already.  Mommy, look out for this one!

Happy Easter

I know I am a bit late, but nevertheless

He is Risen!

New Love - Hiking

While at Barnes and Noble one afternoon, David and I found a hiking book full of easy-moderate hikes in Southern California.  All very local.  And it was probably about $5.

I went on one of the hikes last week and was just blown away by how many trails there were, the amount of people that hike in the area and how beautiful the view was!  The people weren't overbearing in anyway, it was just nice that there were people around and I wasn't completely solo on new land.

My handy-dandy guide book showed me that the trail went in a big loop start to finish.  I found out that because there are so many different trails, staying on that loop is impossible even if you tried.  So I stopped trying.
I ventured on a few different routes and found stairs that led to a trail that took you to a view point. And it did! It wasn't too bad up, unless you're me and aren't used to hiking, but it didn't defeat me!  The view was worth the climb.

My new goal, not on my DZP list - but just personally, is to take a hike at least once a week.  Some are very short quick hikes that will at least get you outdoors for an hour or two.

IN FACT! I'm even going on a hike today with my great friend Kyle Calhoun :).  We are going on a hike up to a waterfall in San Juan Capistrano.  I am very excited about this one!  Pictures soon to follow!


65% Complete on my DZP!
You can say that I am a happy girl right about now :)

24. Assemble a First Aid kit to keep in my car

Next week I will be going to San Diego for a New Teacher Training with my new school, Fusion Academy.  I will be taking this trip alone, which I have never done before.  Therefore, I thought since I'll be ridin' dirty solo that it might be a good idea to complete #24 and get a first aid kit in my Yaris in case of an emergency :)

Here were my thoughts on assembling the kit..
I had looked up on a website what all the necessities were.  There were great kits already assembled that you could buy for a very low price. (You can check those out here if you're interested.) But to me, that wasn't ME assembling the kit.  The website lists all that is included in the kit so I wrote down all the materials and went to Target to begin the process!

These are the troubles I ran into:
1. Target didn't have everything on the list
2.  I didn't know what a few of the items even were on the list to know where else to find them
3.  What I did find from my handy list as going to cost a FORTUNE

That is when I ran into this totally cute and adorable "Medibag" for $12.99.

Now, the Medibag didn't have ALL that I was hoping for inside of it but it had the majority of what I needed!

The Medibag included:
1. Assorted bandages - all different shapes and sizes
2. Anti-itch ointment
3. Antibiotic ointment
4. Assorted gauze pads
5.  Sting-free antiseptic wipes
6. Burn relief cream
7. Sting relief cream
8.  Cotton applicator swabs
9. Instant ice pack
10.  Hand sanitzer
11. Tweezers
12.  Latex gloves
13.  First aid guide
14. Kid friendly stickers :)
15.  Emergency family label
16.  All inside the "Doctor's bag"

What I added:
1. Wet wipes
2. Kleenex
3.  Hello Kitty bandaids (NECESSARY!)
4.  Asprin
5.  Icyhot
(this may be something only for me, I get really bad muscle cramps in my knees when I am driving long distances)

And TA-DA! Emergency First Aid Kit COMPLETE! :)

(You can also find the kit and other materials at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

14. Dye Easter eggs

The conversation between Shannon and I literally went like this:
Shannon: What do you want to do tonight?
Me: I kind of wanted to dye Easter eggs.  It has been so long since I've done that.
Shannon: Ok, we can do that tonight.
Shannon: Yeahhh, we can go buy the stuff and make them tonight.

Then, I called Erin and had almost the exact same conversation full of excitement.  And that is how we came to the great idea last Saturday evening to dye Easter eggs and knock something off of all our lists :)

Shannon and I went to the grocery store and bought all the goods.  We purchased the traditional dye kit and an extra little goodie box that gave us little bowls, shaped like eggs, to dissolve the dye in.

When we got back to the house we started unpacking everything and Shannon :) had the brilliant idea to punch out the holes on the back of the packaging to set our eggs in to dry after we had designed and dipped them.. little did she, or Erin and I know, that we hadn't read the instructions first and no one knew how exactly to dye Easter eggs.. HAHAHAHAHA

It was so funny!

Therefore, here is another funny conversation of the evening:
Erin: I think it says to put blah blah blah of vinegar in the bowl and then blah blah blah dissolve one tablet of dye and blah blah blah...
and it carried on like this because the "blah blah blah" was where the information was missing due to the missing holes on the back of the box :)
See the hole punched tray sitting there..BAHAHAHAA
Never a dry moment with us!

And the dyeing begins..

Erin getting her dyeing on..
Hahahaha so many funny stories this evening!
I, being a helpful baby sister, decided to check on one of Erin's eggs in the dye.  Well since I haven't done this in YEARS and haven't handled the egg dyeing tools, probably ever, I accidentally dropped her egg and squished the bottom :(
It was still beautiful, but lets just say I wasn't allowed to touch anyone else's eggs than my own after that.

Shannon! Rocking her totally gorgeous new hair cut! Proud to say I was the first to see it after she left the salon :)) (I didn't ruin any of her eggs :))

And this would be me and a concoction I made.  I put a pink dye tablet with a blue one to try and make purple.  Instead I got a very interesting mix of both colors which was a favorite amongst the group! They yelled at me when I did it, but then couldn't help but put one of their eggs in this crazy color mix!

I love these girls :)