Sunday, October 31, 2010

97. Try making a new recipe each month - October

This Halloween David and I will be celebrating with our lovely friends at a pumpkin carving party.  For the event I planned to make a dessert.  As I searched the internet for a fun original recipe I finally came along the best one yet this morning.  It didn't call for much preperation, which made it perfect for me.

Mummie Brownie Cupcakes
- Your favorite brownie mix/recipe
- 1 pack of M&Ms
- Frosting
- 3 Sour Rip Rolls or Sour Gum

1.  Make the brownies just as you normally would in a cupcake pan
*If you've purchased a box recipe there isn't a cooking time for cupcakes, but 20-24 minutes is perfect at 350 degrees.
2.  Once the brownies have cooled frost them with your choice of frosting, I chose Vanilla
3.  Use the M&Ms as eyeballs, I used milk chocolate M&Ms but any flavor will work - I also used the same color for each eye since the dessert is already going to be pretty colorful
4.  Unravel the Sour Rip Rolls and cut them in about an inch and a half pieces and then again down the center of each piece
*Essentially each cupcake will have 6 strips on it - you'll end up with 3 one and a half long pieces and rip those in half for 6 total pieces.
5.  Place the 6 strips across the cupcakes generally in the same direction - if you get too crazy with placing the strips you lose the image of the mummy and it looks too messy.  Keep the strips all horizontal, one above the eyes and the other five below crossing over each other.

Some are prettier than others,  but overall I feel they were a success! We'll see how everyone likes them tonight :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pamper me Fabulous

I just wanted to share some pictures from an event that Erin, Madalyn, Shannon, and myself attended a few Sundays ago.  We had a blast! Basically this event allows a million women come together and get pampered for a very minimal charge.  It only cost us each $40 to attend this and receive a bag of goodies at the end!

The free accommodations included manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading, tanning, a Reebok shoe demo,
{Sporting our EasyTone Reebok shoes!}
 yummy treats, and a ton of free goodies from the fabulous booths that lined the room!

Picture time!
 The crew with the beautiful beach in the background :)
 Love these girls! We waited in line for quite some time to get our eyebrows threaded - but it was well worth it! and Miss Madalyn crossed it off her list!
 Yay! My sissie!! This was a ton of fun to attend side by side with my other half.
 One word: Yum
 Thanks for the invite Shannon!

97. Try making a new recipe each month - September

This is an incredibly late post but last month for my new recipe goal I made one of me and David's favorite dishes more healthy!
Erin introduced me to Eat This, Not That and I found some great alternatives to what we usually use to make..
Usually we just grab whatever pack of angel hair spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce that is on sale.  After reading this book and finding out what the better alternatives I decided to change my routine and try the healthier dish and it didn't taste any differently but made me feel better and less full and gross.

I used the Smart Taste angel hair noodles and topped it with Prego Heart Smart Traditional pasta sauce.  Although we ate the same exact amount we usually would, it still felt like a lighter meal and didn't bog us down and make us feel nasty.  From now on, these are my spaghetti substitutes!
Our one splurge was the garlic bread :) we can't give that up!

34. Go to a concert

Best concert ever!  It is one thing to attend a concert when you're already in love with the artist performing - it's another thing to go to a concert in a neutral position and fall completely in love!!
As I was at this event I text messaged David and told him how much I loved the music at this concert and he had already bought the CDs, I couldn't wait to get home and listen to the entire albums!! Not to my surprise, they were just as great as seeing the bands live!
It was at the Greek Theater in LA, took quite a while to get there, but once the music started playing it was all uphill and worth it from there!  The concert was so amazing that I almost forgot we were outside!
Shannon initiated the event and invited Crack, Brian, and myself to attend and it was the perfect set of people to a perfect set of music!

Fun pictures I wanted to share!

Laker season is starting so I needed to throw this picture in, of course!! We just drafted our Fantasy Basketball teams and we're stoked to get that started!
Jared and I at an Angel game a month or so ago.. I hadn't been to a game in so long this night was awesome and made up for the long lost time.
Presenting the fabulous four at the Staples Center to see DAAANNNNEEEE COOOOOOKKKKK!!! David, Kyle, and I love Love LOVE Dane Cook and could not wait to see this man live and it was a perfect evening! We had a blast and would see him again a million times again!
I love this girl with everything I have! This is one of my favorite pictures of us in Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday!  It was definitely one of the best trips to Las Vegas!!!

42. Take a train somewhere and make David like it

Departing from Orange: 10:08AM
Arrive at San Clemente Pier: 10:56AM

David and I decided to take our train ride to the San Clemente Pier!
 {David IS really excited, therefore I got to cross this off my list!}

We love the beach and spending a relaxing day strolling around a new city and here we got the best of both worlds.  Once getting to the pier we realized we had actually been to this part of the San Clemente beach about two years ago for Valentines Day.  David had brought me there and we had a picnic on the beach and watched the sunset, so it was a nice return!  What we hadn't done on that day was walk on the pier or go through the town shops, so it was nice to take this time to capture that aspect of the city! 
We had a blast! Both of us were feeling a little under the weather but we still wanted to spend this day as planned.  Once we got to San Clemente we went straight up to Del Mar and searched out a place to get breakfast, our favorite meal of the day!  We found a very swanky looking restaurant that was actually exactly what we were looking for!  David ordered a classic breakfast meal - hash browns, scrambled eggs, wheat toast and a Coke :).  I had a delicious omelet with bacon and avocado and a side of hash browns.  These meals hit the spot and begun our day pretty satisfyingly.
After breakfast we continued our journey up Del Mar and hit almost every store.  Each was very unique in its own way and had a very interesting touch to the city.  We walked up and down Del Mar and returned to the beach to walk on the pier.  It was freezing! But we enjoyed watching the waves crash and the surfers in the distance.  Although it was incredibly cold, I still wanted ice cream and knew there was a little shop across from the beach.  We made our way there and I got a chocolate cone and David sipped on his hot chocolate.  Just before heading to the train stop, we grabbed some pizza and a shot glass to add to the collection. 
We had such a good time just sitting with each other and laughing, it was just what we needed!
The ONE and only downer we had was that Metro Link changed their schedule and hadn't updated their online listing of departures, so instead of leaving at 3:09 like we expected.... our schedule ran a little later
Departing from San Clemente Pier: 4:49PM
Arrive in Orange: 5:35PM

23. Have a bonfire at the beach.

A couple weekends ago a longtime friend, Crack (a.k.a. Daniel), came down from Seattle, WA David and I decided to try to get our old gang of friends together and have a bonfire!!! It was pretty successful.  We had a pretty good turnout of friends - old and new!
Since Crack was in town Alex, Vince, Shanna, Nate, and Shannon joined us for a little catching up! We've missed Crack so much!  Darryl, Sam, and Roxy also came through, our newer friends from CSUF! I love bringing our different groups of friends together to make a bigger group of friends together!! It was a successful night, we had a blast!

Side Story: My best friend Lauren and her boyfriend Jeff came out to join us for some sun before the bonfire and during a fun game of frisbee Lauren got stung by a bee... Completely random, right?? WELL! 30 minutes later, yours truly was stung by a bee also! Pretty crazy! We were both in pretty bad pain and are still itching from it :(
But here are some gorgeous pictures of the four of us anyway!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So all my posts are ready to go but because I'm unable to upload my pictures I've decided to wait on them.. :(

I know, it stinks! But they'll be better when you get the full experience!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Miss me?

I know, I know! I've been slacking on the updating of my very popular blog!
I will be bringing sexy back very soon! I promise!!!

I have many completed goals from my DZP that to tell you about!

I'm fulfilling another goal tomorrow as me and David jet off on the Metro to San Clemente and I'm so excited!!! So stay posted and soon enough you will be informed of my so super exciting life!
Sunday will be the day that I will, hopefully, have time to update!

{I'll be here}