Saturday, June 18, 2011

There are obviously more..

I have completed more goals then I have posted about, but the pictures are in route to me and I will post about them as soon as I receive the images!


Happy Weekend :)

37. Participate in a mud run

June 5, 2011
Camp Pendleton
This is when David and my alarms went off to get up and begin getting ready to drive to Camp Pendelton.
David arrives at my house and we take off to the mud run.
We have parked and arrived at Camp Pendleton and the nerves kick in.
Shortly after, we catch a shuttle and move over to the site where all of the festivities are being held for the runners.  We grabbed our t-shirts, breakfast for champions, donuts, and laid out our beach towels to relax before the race.
David and I duct taped our shoes to our ankles, checked in our bag, and moved over to the race start line.
The announcer starts getting us pumped up and we're off!
We have gone through two river crossings, a lake crossing, two 5 foot walls, a tunnel, a mud crawl, a mud climb, a mud lake crossing, and 6.2 miles and we finished the race!!! It was LONG and very difficult, but it was well worth it!
We had a blast! And although it was difficult, we will be doing it again next year - and creating a team :)
*We didn't train for this race at all.  We actually forgot about it until about a week before it was taking place and finished with a decent time.  It is possible! Join us next year!

15. Be in two places at once

Erin and I both have this goal on our Day Zero Project lists and have been waiting quite some time to complete it.  Our last trip to Arizona was our big chance to make this happen!!

On our way to Arizona we stopped at the state line to take a few pictures, but we didn't exactly capture the image we were hoping for. Let me draw a picture for you, state line is on a bridge that doesn't feel exactly secure if you were to stand on it.  There are huge semi-trucks and cars moving past very quickly!  It is extremely windy and the bridge is over a huge body of water.  SO! David took the pictures and was so scared of standing on the bridge that he got the picture of us straddling the line, but not the sign to show what we were doing at all.

Therefore, we had to make another pit stop to the state line to try to capture this image one final time, and David got it perfectly :)
Here is the sign showing the state line between California and Arizona....
And here we are!!! Straddling ourselves between the two = we're in California and Arizona at the same time!
(See the crazy hair? That'd be the wind.  And off to the right, that'd be the ledge leading to the big body of water under us.. it was quite the experience.)

11. Get my teaching credential

Yes, it is true!
I can officially apply for teaching positions and be hired as a teacher receiving a teaching salary!
Unfortunately there is no real certificate to show off, its just an image online showing that I have a credential.  Therefore, I can't really show anything off.  BUT I do have fancy pictures of my students that I will show off :)

This is my 2nd period on our last day together :)
(I am on the bottom left :), I tell you because you probably can't tell who I am haha)
This is Miss Rylee, she was my very favorite in this class.  Teachers say they don't have favorites, but I'm here to bust that myth.  She was so helpful and strong when the rest of the class was out of control.
This is my 3rd period on our last day together.
(You can try to find me here haha)
These two were my bodyguards all year, they had my back and took care of me, Trenton on the left - David on the right.  They often helped me carry large, heavy items to my car or to wherever and were always a huge help!  They also loved being that much taller than me. :)
This lovely is Melia.  We had super strong talks and I was able to mentor her the most this year.  She is a lot like me when I was in high school.  It was quite the experience to reflect while also advising her. <3
And these are my ladies.  These three were so much fun!! From left to right, McCall, Ysabella and Brooke.  McCall and I often owned the same clothes.. Ysa and I are both heavily in love with Hello Kitty, and Brooke and I could just laugh at the same craziness going on in class daily.
Last but not least.  I didn't want to purchase a yearbook because they are so darn expensive and I only knew about 1/10 of the students in it.  So instead I purchased a signature frame and had both of my classes sign it.  David is posing with it here as everyone finished signing it.  I have placed the two class pictures in the middle of it and it is ready to be displayed in my next classroom! You can never replace your first classes.

*Now, some of you that know I taught 3 classes are probably wondering where my third class is.  Well, they were freshman and were very googly and would not be able to handle something like this.  Trust me when I say this, and I have my very good friend Mackenzie to back me up, that they would have taken this as a joke and mean things would have been written on my "yearbook".  They do exist, they just aren't portrayed here.