Monday, February 13, 2012

47. Put my CSUF Alumni License Plate on my car

This goal was a little silly, but I wouldn't have done it unless it was a goal.  And lets be honest, it still took me a LONG year and a half to actually get this thing on my beautiful beast...

So proud :)

7. Take a romantic weekend/day trip.

On a very random afternoon, I am sitting at work -- not working -- and had a fantastic idea.. David and I should get away for New Years!  I called David and he totally agreed!! We decided to take a mini-vaca to San Diego for New Years Eve where we stayed in Little Italy and completely adored it! 

We spent the afternoon on Coronado Island.  It was the most adorable little place.  I kept telling David that I wanted to move there.. in reality, there is no chance, but it was a nice thought at the time :)
The Bridge to Coronado Island
 Snapshots at Coronado Island

We thought that we would want to go to the Gaslamp District to ring in the New Year, where we have been before and had a BLAST, but we decided to stick to the little town that we were already staying in and it was the best idea ever!!

FUNNY STORY - We have a very romantic dinner at this little Italian restaurant just a block away from our hotel...
Then, we decide to head out to find a bar/club to hang out at for the evening.  We pass a few places that are charging through the roof for cover charges, then we come up to a little bar that has music bumpin' and is only chargin $20 to get in (as oppose to the $50 next door).  We think, ya ok! Lets go!
We get in and there is no bartender and only Solo red cups everywhere.. We look further and there are girls running around barefoot and just a crowd, of what looked like to me, high school kids.  Of course, our first thought is, "great! we just lost $40!"

I walk outside to talk to the bouncers and as if this is a high school event.  He says, "OH! You're not apart of the private party?? This is a private event for the local high school!"
UMM WOW! David was in a suit, head to toe.. and I am in 5 inch heels -- apparantly that still didn't help us get past the high school "look".. Fortunately, he gave us our money back and directed us to a spot that he thought was more age appropriate for us..

That is how we ended up at The Waterfront bar and had a complete blast to countdown 2011 in!

The following day we ventured around the area and walked around.  All together it was a very romantic and eventful weekend! 


15. Be in two places at once.

Okay, okay! So I stole this from A Walk to Remember but who wouldn't want to try this!

Erin and I took up the opportunity of crossing this off of both of our lists while traveling from Arizona to California.  We meant to do this on the way into the desert, but it didn't exactly work out; therefore, we managed to get it on the way back.  NO Excuses!

David was the most scared as we stood on the side of the road and straddled the border of California to Arizona.  Cars were whizzing by and the wind was blowing like CRAZY! But it was so worth it -- we captured the moment!

85. Eat a meal at a restaurant solo

Generally, on the weekends Lauren and I try to get lunch together - as often as possible.  This weekend she was whisked away; which left me fending for myself.  Therefore, I thought, why not take up this opportunity to cross something off my DZP list. 

I had a craving for Fitness Grill and decided to take it upon myself to a tasty treat.

Unfortunately you can't see much of what I ate, but I had an amazing egg white omelet with asparagus and zucchini with a side salad and fruit.  It was fantastic! Although I missed my bestie sitting across from me, it was nice to enjoy a small portion of the day for myself.

21. Finally go to OC Mining Co for brunch with David :)

My love for the Orange County Mining Company remains with their brunch.  I've been there for dinner and such, but nothing compares to the brunch that they serve.  It is DELICIOUS!  I have been meaning, for some time, to reserve a Sunday afternoon for David and I to go, for probably about 6 months, and we FINALLY made it!

We both enjoyed an array of fruit, sweets, eggs, bacon, and of course, mimosas :)) (Champagne is complementary at Sunday Brunch, in case you didn't know -- add a splash of OJ and you're set!)

It was a beautiful day and I am so glad that I was able to share it with David, finally!