Thursday, July 7, 2011


I got hooked up this year! We have been to three games at the Angel's Stadium this summer alone, that is the most amount of times I have been in a two month period. 

1st Game: Angels v. Mariners.. possibly
 David, Me, Meliss, & Laur :)

2nd Game: Angels v. Yankees

 Lauren, me & David

3rd Game: Angels v. Dodgers
Me, David, Matt, & Lauren

Almost every game, David and I were split from everyone else and went for the visiting team - but it resulted in good rivalry and fun.  Had a complete blast all three games!

57. Go Paddle boarding

For Lauren's graduation gift, I purchased two vouchers to go paddle boarding in Laguna Beach from Living Social.  We had originally planned to grab the paddle boards from the shop and take them to the Dana Point back bay about 15 minutes down PCH.  Little did we know that these boards are massive!! David has a short bed truck, and although his back window rolls down, the boards still did not fit into his truck at all. 

After trying to manage to squeeze them in, we gave up and decided to rough it out in the ocean and do our best.  Kyle and David dragged the boards down to the sand and the nerves set in.  We lathered up in sunscreen, missing a few vital spots, and watched as an instructor near by was leading a few girls out into the ocean.  We tried to mimic what he was doing, but just as doing so a huge set of waves came in, almost scaring us from even going out there.  But eventually we paddled our way out and started to get the hang of things.  It took a bit, but we did it. 
(Little hard to see, but we're out there. The pictures are so large, I'm aware, but they have to be to see us :))

My first attempt to stand, I fell right in.  And if you know me, I am insanely afraid of the ocean.  Of course I flipped out and scurried to get back on the board.  Lauren also took a fall right into seaweed, which was everywhere! 

For our first trip out, and onto the ocean, with no instruction - we didn't do so bad! One fall each.

 The experience was definitely one to never forget!

Here are a few other photos from the day:

Have to post this, because I'm in love with it.  A pink bejeweled bathtub.
One day...

96. Play a one-on-one game of basketball with David.

David and I took on the courts at Champion Park for a one-on-one game of basketball.

Basketball is definitely David's sport, but I almost went into NJB, I know how it works!  So I challenged him, we played up to 11 and you'll never guess who won.....

Yep! That's right, I beat David.  At first, we were just playing around.  We played 'around the world' and 'Skate'.  But then it got serious; I was playing for keeps and I was going to dominate, and then I got tired and David was making some pretty good shots and all the rules went out the door.  I decided to create my own rules, and I was the only one allowed to break them... therefore, I won!

Here are a few more pictures of our brawl:
Very focused on our shots.
hahaha... David isn't even shooting a ball..
(Just Kidding, it was just out of shot.)
In the end, I guess we're still friends.. maybe even still boyfriend and girlfriend. 
But he's still bitter.