Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Hair

I'm currently working on hair ideas and details with my stylist and I think that I've found the perfect inspiration...

Wedding Fun

School hours are a little slow lately, but of course I still get to campus bright and early! Therefore, I thought it might be a good time to update my blog a little more. I just realized that I haven't posted since August 3, 2012 and that is just WILD! 

For my first "Back to Blog Life" post, I thought I would update everyone on my wedding planning with details, hair ideas and all the fun that has come with planning my fabulous wedding!

In the last month, or so, David and I have really began to work on finding the little details that will make each second of the day POP!  We have picked out things like the sand ceremony jars, the guest book, our guest's favors, some fun party things for the reception and SOOOO much more! It's truly a blast! Although I can't share every single detail, because that would totally ruin the surprise of it all, I can still share a few small things that will give a glimpse into the big day! And it's still pretty sneaky because the pictures you will see below aren't our actual items, but just a preview of things we will have.

Here we go!

First off, we have our cake topper.  David and I were a little at odds with the cake topper because we thought it would be really cute to do one of those toppers with the bride and groom that would actually look like us doing something cute - like playing basketball, kissing, grabbing each others butts, you know, something like that.  But when we looked those up, they were truly out of our budget and although it would have been a fun splurge, we just couldn't find reason in it.  So I took it to Etsy to help me find a one-of-a-kind cake topper and I easily did!!! 

PetiteMint is creating a custom, hand made cake topper that will resemble the image below.  It will show David and my initials with a heart holding the letters together that will show our last initial.  I think it's darling and it's just so unique.  The fact that it's wrapped in book pages totally adds to my obsession with it!

Next, our guest book.  We weren't really sure how we wanted to display or use the guest book, because nowadays there are so many options.  Then we realized it'd be a great way to combine it with the photo booth festivities and have our guests sign our guest book using their photos from the booth, a sweet note and a signature. 

The book, also from Etsy, is made by The Handmade Boutique and is especially designed for photo booth strips.  Although I love the pink ribbon, that will be replaced with a matching wedding color and will be displayed with fun pens and stickers for the guests to enjoy!

Lastly (for now), our sand ceremony pieces.  The sand ceremony is such a lovely idea, especially for a summer wedding.  It doesn't require much work or set up, but the keepsake will last us a lifetime!  We definitely wanted to perform a unity ceremony but through candles could go either way in the summer day and may not give the umph we are definitely hoping for.  Therefore, with the right pieces, we decided to show our unity using the sand elements.

Below are a sample of what our set looks like.  This collection is made from Etched Expressions, who personalized the glasses just for us.  They are so stinking cute and I feel like really speak to David and I.  We're so causal and it being outdoors in a garden, we thought this set would fit right in!

So there you have it! A little glimpse into, what will be, the happiest day of my life!! I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak!! I'm sure with more time on my hands I will continue to share some ideas and projects!


Day Zero Project 2.0

It is a new year which means a new beginning, right?  Well this year marks the start of my SECOND Day Zero Project list and I thought it most appropriate to share!  I feel like this list is geared much more towards getting married and building a home for David and myself, which is quite appropriate  But, it also has a lot of fun features that I can include my best gals in on too!  

As you can see, I've completed a few goals already (some I still haven't checked off - whoopsie)! And am very excited to continue working towards 2015 when I can mark another DZP project complete!!!