Thursday, July 7, 2011


I got hooked up this year! We have been to three games at the Angel's Stadium this summer alone, that is the most amount of times I have been in a two month period. 

1st Game: Angels v. Mariners.. possibly
 David, Me, Meliss, & Laur :)

2nd Game: Angels v. Yankees

 Lauren, me & David

3rd Game: Angels v. Dodgers
Me, David, Matt, & Lauren

Almost every game, David and I were split from everyone else and went for the visiting team - but it resulted in good rivalry and fun.  Had a complete blast all three games!

57. Go Paddle boarding

For Lauren's graduation gift, I purchased two vouchers to go paddle boarding in Laguna Beach from Living Social.  We had originally planned to grab the paddle boards from the shop and take them to the Dana Point back bay about 15 minutes down PCH.  Little did we know that these boards are massive!! David has a short bed truck, and although his back window rolls down, the boards still did not fit into his truck at all. 

After trying to manage to squeeze them in, we gave up and decided to rough it out in the ocean and do our best.  Kyle and David dragged the boards down to the sand and the nerves set in.  We lathered up in sunscreen, missing a few vital spots, and watched as an instructor near by was leading a few girls out into the ocean.  We tried to mimic what he was doing, but just as doing so a huge set of waves came in, almost scaring us from even going out there.  But eventually we paddled our way out and started to get the hang of things.  It took a bit, but we did it. 
(Little hard to see, but we're out there. The pictures are so large, I'm aware, but they have to be to see us :))

My first attempt to stand, I fell right in.  And if you know me, I am insanely afraid of the ocean.  Of course I flipped out and scurried to get back on the board.  Lauren also took a fall right into seaweed, which was everywhere! 

For our first trip out, and onto the ocean, with no instruction - we didn't do so bad! One fall each.

 The experience was definitely one to never forget!

Here are a few other photos from the day:

Have to post this, because I'm in love with it.  A pink bejeweled bathtub.
One day...

96. Play a one-on-one game of basketball with David.

David and I took on the courts at Champion Park for a one-on-one game of basketball.

Basketball is definitely David's sport, but I almost went into NJB, I know how it works!  So I challenged him, we played up to 11 and you'll never guess who won.....

Yep! That's right, I beat David.  At first, we were just playing around.  We played 'around the world' and 'Skate'.  But then it got serious; I was playing for keeps and I was going to dominate, and then I got tired and David was making some pretty good shots and all the rules went out the door.  I decided to create my own rules, and I was the only one allowed to break them... therefore, I won!

Here are a few more pictures of our brawl:
Very focused on our shots.
hahaha... David isn't even shooting a ball..
(Just Kidding, it was just out of shot.)
In the end, I guess we're still friends.. maybe even still boyfriend and girlfriend. 
But he's still bitter.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

There are obviously more..

I have completed more goals then I have posted about, but the pictures are in route to me and I will post about them as soon as I receive the images!


Happy Weekend :)

37. Participate in a mud run

June 5, 2011
Camp Pendleton
This is when David and my alarms went off to get up and begin getting ready to drive to Camp Pendelton.
David arrives at my house and we take off to the mud run.
We have parked and arrived at Camp Pendleton and the nerves kick in.
Shortly after, we catch a shuttle and move over to the site where all of the festivities are being held for the runners.  We grabbed our t-shirts, breakfast for champions, donuts, and laid out our beach towels to relax before the race.
David and I duct taped our shoes to our ankles, checked in our bag, and moved over to the race start line.
The announcer starts getting us pumped up and we're off!
We have gone through two river crossings, a lake crossing, two 5 foot walls, a tunnel, a mud crawl, a mud climb, a mud lake crossing, and 6.2 miles and we finished the race!!! It was LONG and very difficult, but it was well worth it!
We had a blast! And although it was difficult, we will be doing it again next year - and creating a team :)
*We didn't train for this race at all.  We actually forgot about it until about a week before it was taking place and finished with a decent time.  It is possible! Join us next year!

15. Be in two places at once

Erin and I both have this goal on our Day Zero Project lists and have been waiting quite some time to complete it.  Our last trip to Arizona was our big chance to make this happen!!

On our way to Arizona we stopped at the state line to take a few pictures, but we didn't exactly capture the image we were hoping for. Let me draw a picture for you, state line is on a bridge that doesn't feel exactly secure if you were to stand on it.  There are huge semi-trucks and cars moving past very quickly!  It is extremely windy and the bridge is over a huge body of water.  SO! David took the pictures and was so scared of standing on the bridge that he got the picture of us straddling the line, but not the sign to show what we were doing at all.

Therefore, we had to make another pit stop to the state line to try to capture this image one final time, and David got it perfectly :)
Here is the sign showing the state line between California and Arizona....
And here we are!!! Straddling ourselves between the two = we're in California and Arizona at the same time!
(See the crazy hair? That'd be the wind.  And off to the right, that'd be the ledge leading to the big body of water under us.. it was quite the experience.)

11. Get my teaching credential

Yes, it is true!
I can officially apply for teaching positions and be hired as a teacher receiving a teaching salary!
Unfortunately there is no real certificate to show off, its just an image online showing that I have a credential.  Therefore, I can't really show anything off.  BUT I do have fancy pictures of my students that I will show off :)

This is my 2nd period on our last day together :)
(I am on the bottom left :), I tell you because you probably can't tell who I am haha)
This is Miss Rylee, she was my very favorite in this class.  Teachers say they don't have favorites, but I'm here to bust that myth.  She was so helpful and strong when the rest of the class was out of control.
This is my 3rd period on our last day together.
(You can try to find me here haha)
These two were my bodyguards all year, they had my back and took care of me, Trenton on the left - David on the right.  They often helped me carry large, heavy items to my car or to wherever and were always a huge help!  They also loved being that much taller than me. :)
This lovely is Melia.  We had super strong talks and I was able to mentor her the most this year.  She is a lot like me when I was in high school.  It was quite the experience to reflect while also advising her. <3
And these are my ladies.  These three were so much fun!! From left to right, McCall, Ysabella and Brooke.  McCall and I often owned the same clothes.. Ysa and I are both heavily in love with Hello Kitty, and Brooke and I could just laugh at the same craziness going on in class daily.
Last but not least.  I didn't want to purchase a yearbook because they are so darn expensive and I only knew about 1/10 of the students in it.  So instead I purchased a signature frame and had both of my classes sign it.  David is posing with it here as everyone finished signing it.  I have placed the two class pictures in the middle of it and it is ready to be displayed in my next classroom! You can never replace your first classes.

*Now, some of you that know I taught 3 classes are probably wondering where my third class is.  Well, they were freshman and were very googly and would not be able to handle something like this.  Trust me when I say this, and I have my very good friend Mackenzie to back me up, that they would have taken this as a joke and mean things would have been written on my "yearbook".  They do exist, they just aren't portrayed here.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

83. Get a new tattoo

When thinking about my new tattoo I wanted to do something for my mother.  She gave me life and has led me down a pretty blessed road that I couldn't be more thankful for.  Therefore, I got my mom's favorite flower with a butterfly perched about it.  Her favorite flower is a tulip and the flower resembles mother/grandmother - but also freedom, guidance, celebration and so much more.  This essentially is everything my mom has ever given me and taught me.  There are no words to explain my love for her...
Love you mommy!

Introducing Ryan Alexander Rendon Fetters

Ryan Alexander Rendon Fetters is Here!!!!
He is absolutely perfect!!! Congratulations to Shannon and Alex! You make a beautiful little boy and I am so incredibly excited and blessed to be apart of his life!

81. Go horseback riding & 31. Go wine tasting

Erin and I were given an amazing gift from Shannon to go horseback riding and go wine tasting - a 2 for 1 deal!!! I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER, so I figured this would be a great opportunity to add some love.  Enjoy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Borrowed :)

Oh man, beyond excited for this movie to come out! I need to start freshening up with the story... I'll be buried in the book until it's finished!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

DZP Update

I have decided to copy my sister and show how I've been doing with my Day Zero Project with my Completed List, In Progress List, and New & Improved List..
Lets begin...

I'll start with my in progress goals..
5.  Read 10 "Motion Picture" Novels (4/10)
6.  Read all of Chelsea Handler's boos (1/3)
8.  Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet. (12/26)
10.  Put $10 away for every goal completed.
11.  Get my teaching credential
28.  Create a budget and stick to it.
31.  Go wine tasting! - I have the passes to go, just have to set the date!
37.  Participate in a mud run 6/6/2011!
44.  Go to the Fitness Grill with Lauren (7/10)
54.  Collect a shot glass from each hotel on the LV strip (8/31)
59.  Snorkel - asked to go for my birthday! 3/21/2011!
86.  Make a custom recipe book
87.  Collect 101 postcards
95.  Go to LV for a holiday or HUGE event.  - 2/6/2011 Super Bowl!
97.  Try making a new recipe each month
98.  Go to Glen Ivy with Erin. - Planned for her birthday!
99.  Have a picnic in the park/beach (Blanket and basket included) - Valentines Day!

Goals I haven't started...
2.  Go for a run on the beach with David.
3.  Bungee Jump
4.  Go to Disneyland with Erin, Smelly, and David
7.  Go out of state (Not Vegas) with David on vacation
12.  Get a passport
15.  Be in two places at once.
16.  Have a girls trip to LV
17.  Visit a lighthouse with my mommy and sissy
18.  Visit my Grandmother's grave with Erin
20.  Donate $5 to charity for each task I don't complete
21.  FINALLY go to Orange Hill Restaurant
24.  Assemble a first aid kit to keep in my car
26.  Go to Millions of Milkshakes.
30.  Take a romantic weekend trip
32.  Go to a Laker game
35.  Play an entire round of golf with David.
36.  Go to a drive-in movie
38.  Learn how to surf.
41.  Ride in a helium balloon at the Irvine Great Park
46.  Go to the OC Fair with David.
47.  Put my CSUF Alumni license plate frame on my car.
48.  Get my face painted at Disneyland.
49.  Plant a vegetable.
55.  Shoot a gun.
56.  Go on a gondola ride.
57.  Go paddle boarding.
58.  Go to Hawaii with David.
60.  Get a fish and keep it alive.
61.  Try a new drink at Starbucks.
62.  Get a bikini wax.
63.  Kiss in the rain.
67.  Buy a lottery ticket
69.  Give up alcohol for a month
73.  Learn to change a tire
74.  Drink only water for a week
76.  Volunteer at a beach clean up
78.  Watch a 3D move
80.  Visit a museum
81.  Go horseback riding
82.  Swim in the ocean
83.  Get a new tattoo
84.  Kick ALL fast food and restaurant food for a week
85.  See a movie solo
88.  Go back to CSULB and explore
90.  Creat a handmade shot glass display
92.  Watch a play
93.  Sit down in a park and enjoy a book
94.  Have a sleepover on the beach
96.  Have a one-on-one game of basketball with David
100.  Gamble in LV
101.  Get engaged

1.  Track down a Moleskin and actually start using it.
9.  Buy something from Etsy.
13.  Start a holiday tradition.
14.  Go to the OC Mining Co with David
19.  Take hot yoga.
22.  Make handmade Guacamole.
23.  Have a bonfire at the beach.
25.  Buy Sprinkles cupcakes for MYSELF!
27.  Go on a hike in the Azusa Pacific Area
29.  Complete a 5K race.
33.  Buy a pair of TOMs shoes.
34.  Go to a concert
39.  Find out my blood type.
40.  Go Rock climbing
42.  Take a train somehwere and make David like it
43.  Get a new phone when my contract expires
45.  Take pictures in a photo booth
50.  Give tomatoes another try
51.  Paricipate in a garage/yard sale.
52.  Take out my nose ring
53.  Bake a dessert from scratch
64.  Run a mile straight without stopping
65.  Jump into a body of water fully clothed.
66.  Attend 10 yoga classes
68.  Give flowers to someone
70.  Do not purchase anything from Forever21 for a month
71.  Go to a comedy show.
72.  Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
75.  Go on a road trip
77.  Have a slumber party at Madalyn's apartment and cook for her and Erin
89.  Get rid of all the moving boxes in my bedroom

91.  Get a Kobe Bryant jersey

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's so fluffy!!!!

I could watch this over, and over, and over, and over, and over [...] and over, and over again!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday night...


Forever21 Shopping Bag...

i love forever21

i just though i would share some of my favorites right now...

diamond knit top
diamond knit patterns craft this relaxed sweater featuring a hoodie, dolman sleeves, and a kangaroo pocket at the front. ribbed trim.
*i love the pattern on this sweater - i think it is so fun and unique

speckle stripes dress
a speckled knit construction sets this 3/4 sleeve knit dress apart, featuring a striped design and two pocket front.
*this dress totally caught my attention, it's simple but very girly to me. AND it has pockets, how is that not a perfect pick for me?! pockets always seal the deal for me

cross stitch poncho
conquer the cold in this cozy poncho. features winter inspired cross stitch pattern
*i know this is a little different and maybe a skeptical statement, but i'm going to give it a try!

double breasted coat with detachable hood
be prepared for anything with this great versatile coat! features detachable sweater hood, collar, and two front pockets with flap. double breasted with mock and working four button plackets. hidden interior button.
*i love love love this jacket.  it's not super girly, but its comfortable. a lot of my coats right now are kind of uncomfortable to toss on when i go to Esperanza to teach.  i end up taking it off just because of comfort and not weather, i think this will fix that problem!

i originally bought, what i thought was, amazing dresses for my Vegas trip.  but they weren't so fabulous at all, and were kind of expensive.  i returned them and used that money and a few more Christmas gift cards towards my forever21 fabulous finds!
the gift cards are now officially gone :(