Monday, September 27, 2010

40. Go rockclimbing

While at the Race for the Cure there was a rockclimbing section for the little kids!
I took advantage of the opportunity to cross this adventure off my list and I had a blast!!!! It was a lot harder than I expected, but I completed it and rang that cow bell with pride!! 
{Thank you David for taking the video, unwillingly}
{Thank you Maddie for taking pictures!!!!}

In love with this song

Sunday, September 26, 2010

51. Participate in a garage/yard sale

This past Saturday David's neighborhood was holding a community garage/yard sale.  It was a ton of fun hanging out and bargaining with buyers! I clearly was not ready to be pricing my merchandise because whatever I said, David dropped it lower.. We still made a few bucks and got rid of a bunch of junk that is now someones new treasure! Makes it all worth it!!
Marisol, David's sister led the pack in the sale and made pretty some pretty sweet deals!
Our goal next year is to clean up early and be able to do some of our own shopping!

39. Find out my blood type

My wonderful mother searched out my medical papers from when I was born to help me complete this goal! I now know that I am A Positive and proud of it!!
Coincidentally enough I went to the doctors last week and had blood drawn for this reason, but my ma beat the hospital to the punch!!!!

29. Complete a 5K race


We had an amazing time at the 5K Susan G. Komen for the Cure!
The amazing team:
Me :)
Kyle (in place of Shannon)
Aunt LuAnne
Patricia - SURVIVOR!
{I hope I didn't forget anyone}

It was a blast! Three miles doesn't seem too terrible but the uphill killed my knees and in the end I was stiffer than a board.. but I wouldn't have changed it for the world!
Kyle and I stuck together and ran half and walked half, weaving through the crowds while checking out the music and hilarious outfits! This is definitely going to become a tradition for me! It was worth the money, early morning, and heat.  I had a blast!!!

David and Alex supporting with pink hair and beard lol

Thursday, September 23, 2010

68. Give flowers to someone

I sent this little ray of sunshine to my mommy.  She got them Monday afternoon and happily surprised.  I had no real reason for the delivery, just to say I love you.

This completes #68. Love you Mom!

The arrangement is called A Little Sunshine and was purchsed from ProFlowers.
It is yellow roses mixed with bright and beautiful alstroemeria, all in a petite glass vase.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Congratulations Mike and Alexis!!!!!
David and my very good friends have just gotten ENGAGED!
We are so incredibly happy for them! They're perfect for each other and their wedding is going to be spectacular!!
Mike wisked Alexis away to Hawaii for her birthday and popped the question with the sunset in the background, couldn't imagine a more romantic setting.  Good job Mike!

I love you guys!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Name

For an assignment in one of my teaching credential classes we were asked to think of our names.  It is what is going to stamp us for the rest of our career as our students mispronounce them, make fun of them, ignore them and just call you Miss or Mister, and all together stomp on them until we don't care what we're called anymore, as long as the students are paying attention.

Anyway! This is what I came up with for my name...

Alex DeHart.

My dad keeps telling my sister and me that we are Italian, "because the Italians are the only ones with a capital letter in the middle of their last names!", he would say. But my mother says that is false. I’ve found that my ancestors are from the heart of England and that’s that.
Either way, I mix them up.

The capital H in my name is pretty important if you ask anyone who knows me. I make it quite a big deal and it creates a prestige that makes me feel like my family is royalty, lets just say we’re up there with the Queen of England. But they aren’t – and if they were, they clearly would have no idea which family they’re from anyhow.

I like to tell people my name means love. But I couldn’t just be Hart because that is too boring, so they gave me a little piece of mystery at the beginning – De. This together means "mysterious love".. Well at least to me.

It is my first name that gives no sort of explanation like "mysterious love", instead I all the sudden lose my gender and have to start defending myself for my parents un-orginiality when naming their last child. It’s a boy’s name! And everyone knows this. When someone sees my name prior to meeting me, they assume I’m going to stand tall, with a deep hearty voice, and a grip of a handshake. They are generally surprised when they see my 5-foot tall frame and hear a higher pitched voice. Shocked is a better word actually.
My professors never forget me. They call roll… "Amanda Brown" – "Here". "Chad Clark" – "Here". "Carol Dane" – "Here". "Alex DeHart" – "Here". …. It gets silent as they look up at me from their roster with a puzzled look on their face. "A girl? Did I call the name our right?" they think to themselves. And they repeat, "Alex DeHart?". I say again, "Here!". "Oh, you’re a girl.." and right then and there the class is staring at me. "Yes, I am a girl."

The following conversation usually has to do with whether or not Alex is even my full name, and when I say yes, it’s a question of whether I’m telling the truth. It must be impossible for a girl to be named Alex without some sort of explanation to suit the crowd in front of me, but I really don’t have one.

My name is just Alex DeHart. And yes, I am a girl.
I cherish this and I say that it is what makes me unique. I’m not just a girl, but I’m a girl with a boys first name and a rock hard last name regardless of where it comes from.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

43. Get a new phone when my contract expires

Love, love, LOVE my new phone! My contract with AT&T was up and when you already have the best phone (just not the newest version), there's only one thing to do - upgrade it!

David lost his phone and in trying to help him locate it through, what we thought, the genius ways of Apple - I lost my whole contact list.  Therefore, our spirits were extremely low.  He was borrowing a phone from his pal and I was scrambling to get as many contacts back as possible.

To get us back into our happy place, we had to go big or go home and we couldn't be happier with our purchase!  It was worth every penny!

We now have so many new features that are fabulous, I don't know how anyone could go without them! Including FaceTime, two cameras, a flash, advanced email features, folders, and so many more! We love it and if your on the edge on whether to get it.. I say DO IT!
I told David to say cheese.. and then I forgot to.

70. Do not purchase anything from Forever21 for a month

Hardest one yet!
I hate going into the actual store but shopping online is my addiction, I am always on Forever21 looking for the newest styles - and now 31 long days later.. I'm back in action!
I'm sure the site has missed me!

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are..

Every girl wishes the guy of their dreams at least thinks this of them, even if they won't say it out loud.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of student teaching!!

Annnddd I loved it.

I'm not in Esperanza at the moment because they aren't ready for me to be in the classroom- so I went to VHS! YES YES YES!
Greeted with open arms and spent a couple periods observing some old teachers for my first day!
I loved every moment of it.

Had to share.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

52. Take out my nose ring

I love my nose ring from the bottom of my heart.
But its time to say Sianara!!

I feel that entering a high school looking as young as I do, the nose ring doesn't help... Unfortunately.
I want to go in as an authoritative figure! Which means I can't look like them - which I'm already failing at anyway... so! It's gone!

Sorry David.. :(
{Pictures will be posted soon}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My man is THE MAN!

For the second consecutive year, Shia LaBeouf holds the title for making the studios the most profit!

According to Forbes, the actor brings in $81 profit for every dollar he is paid.

Not bad! Not bad at all!
Read More: Shia Gives Studios Biggest Bang For Their Buck!

Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate