Saturday, June 18, 2011

37. Participate in a mud run

June 5, 2011
Camp Pendleton
This is when David and my alarms went off to get up and begin getting ready to drive to Camp Pendelton.
David arrives at my house and we take off to the mud run.
We have parked and arrived at Camp Pendleton and the nerves kick in.
Shortly after, we catch a shuttle and move over to the site where all of the festivities are being held for the runners.  We grabbed our t-shirts, breakfast for champions, donuts, and laid out our beach towels to relax before the race.
David and I duct taped our shoes to our ankles, checked in our bag, and moved over to the race start line.
The announcer starts getting us pumped up and we're off!
We have gone through two river crossings, a lake crossing, two 5 foot walls, a tunnel, a mud crawl, a mud climb, a mud lake crossing, and 6.2 miles and we finished the race!!! It was LONG and very difficult, but it was well worth it!
We had a blast! And although it was difficult, we will be doing it again next year - and creating a team :)
*We didn't train for this race at all.  We actually forgot about it until about a week before it was taking place and finished with a decent time.  It is possible! Join us next year!

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