Saturday, June 18, 2011

15. Be in two places at once

Erin and I both have this goal on our Day Zero Project lists and have been waiting quite some time to complete it.  Our last trip to Arizona was our big chance to make this happen!!

On our way to Arizona we stopped at the state line to take a few pictures, but we didn't exactly capture the image we were hoping for. Let me draw a picture for you, state line is on a bridge that doesn't feel exactly secure if you were to stand on it.  There are huge semi-trucks and cars moving past very quickly!  It is extremely windy and the bridge is over a huge body of water.  SO! David took the pictures and was so scared of standing on the bridge that he got the picture of us straddling the line, but not the sign to show what we were doing at all.

Therefore, we had to make another pit stop to the state line to try to capture this image one final time, and David got it perfectly :)
Here is the sign showing the state line between California and Arizona....
And here we are!!! Straddling ourselves between the two = we're in California and Arizona at the same time!
(See the crazy hair? That'd be the wind.  And off to the right, that'd be the ledge leading to the big body of water under us.. it was quite the experience.)

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